Over the top honeymoons

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been talking about honeymoon budgets and what you can get within various price points.  Last week we wrote about what you can get for a $15,000 budget.  To most of My Vacation Lady’s clients, $15,000 is an insane amount of money for a vacation but for some others, their budgets are even higher.

We wish that we could tell you that we have lots and lots of clients that can afford “over the top” honeymoons but we do have a few.

So what does an “over the top” honeymoon look like?

Heather and Brian are headed to French Polynesia in August for their $25,000 honeymoon.  Let’s take a look at what they booked for $25,000.  First of all, they used points for first class air to Tahiti, so international flights weren’t included in this package.   They are spending 17 nights on 4 different islands in French Polynesia.  They are starting off with 2 nights in the island of Tahiti and will be taking a jeep safari tour of the island and it’s numerous waterfalls.  They can choose to use one of their 10 scuba diving passes in Tahiti or save them for Moorea, Rangoria or Bora Bora.  From Tahiti, they are spending 5 nights in Moorea in our favorite resort in an over water bungalow.  They’ll be taking an ATV tour and they’ll swim with dolphins.  From there, they are headed to one of the best diving islands in French Polynesia- Rangoria.  They’ll be spending 4 nights in an over water bungalow and will be taking a drift snorkeling excursion.  They’ll be ending their luxury honeymoon in a deluxe resort in Bora Bora for 6 nights in an over water bungalow with a view of Mount Otemanu.  They’ll have dinner at Bloody Mary’s.  They’ll take a 4×4 safari tour of the island. We’ve included a 5 hour private bbq picnic on a motu and a private sunset cruise.  Transfers between islands by ferry or air is included, as well as transportation between hotels.

Loreen and Josh are getting married in Moorea during the first part of their French Polynesian Honeymoon in October.  We’ve included flights from Philadelphia to Papeete and transfers and a ferry to their Moorea hotel.  For 5 nights, they’ll stay in a deluxe garden bungalow with their own private pool.  We’ve included a fun ATV excursion but left plenty of time to prepare for their beach wedding.   From Moorea, they’re be heading to Bora Bora to spend 7 nights in an over water bungalow with a view of Mount Otemanu.  They’ll enjoy a sting ray and shark snorkeling excursion as well as a sunset cruise.  With the wedding, their weddingmoon is running about $18,500.

In November, Liza and Brian are taking a luxury honeymoon to Bali and Thailand.  They are staying at all luxury resorts throughout- 4 nights in Ubud, 5 nights in Nusa Dua, 2 nights in Bangkok, 4 in Chiang Mai and 3 in Koh Samui.  We’ve included a couple of excursions, like white water rafting in Bali and a day in the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai.  With all flights from NYC, (premium economy on the long flights) and all local flights and transportation in Bali and Thailand, this luxury honeymoon priced about about $22,500.

Luxury is in the eye of the beholder.  We’ve helped our honeymooners planning safari/beach honeymoons, multi country honeymoons to Australia, New Zealand and Bora Bora, New Zealand and the Cook Islands, luxury Fiji honeymoons and more.

My Vacation Lady is a top rated honeymoon specialist according to the couples on both Wedding Wire and the Knot.  If you have a luxury budget, we can help you plan an over the top honeymoon that will create memories to last a lifetime!

About the Author:

Mindy Gilbert of My Vacation Lady has been helping clients, just like you, plan their dream vacations, cruises and honeymoons since 1994.