With most airlines charging for each checked suitcase and charging exorbitant fees for overweight luggage, travelers need to find ways to pack  smarter and, of course, a bit lighter.  My Vacation Lady is known  as the queen of over packing and, like many women, we like choices and bring tons of extra clothes and shoes- just in case.  With the threat of paying an extra $50 per suitcase for going over the 50 lb weight limit on our last vacation, we learned to be creative in packing and we NEVER travel without our portable luggage scale.

What can you do to lighten your suitcases when you pack for vacation short of taking just a pair of flip flops?

Here are some of our tips:

  1. Pack laundry detergent for hand washing.  Ivory Snow Flakes are a powder so they won’t leak all over your clothes
  2. Limit the # of shoes you take.  Wear the heaviest on the plane because, right now, they don’t charge us yet for having overweight feet 🙂
  3. Take your Kindle or tablet instead of carrying heavy books.
  4. Color coordinate your outfits so that you only need 1 or 2 purses and you can mix and match.
  5. Do a trial of how long a travel size of any liquid, gel, lotion or cream will last and only bring what you need. If you realize that the travel size tubes of toothpaste will last you 1 week, only bring what you need and if you start running low, buy more at your destination.
Smart Traveler has some good packing tips to help save on luggage charges.  READ MORE HERE

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