Wellness as part of your vacation

My Vacation Lady doesn’t formally specialize in spa and wellness travel but more and more of our clients want to be able to enjoy a spa treatment or 2 during their vacation or honeymoons.  Many want fitness centers complete with yoga classes, boot camp classes and more.  Whether you are interested in 1 spa treatment during your vacation or one every day, we can find the right hotel or resort for you.

We’ve been hearing from more and more of our hotel partners about Spa and Wellness weeks when their guests can take advantage of special programming and wellness experiences.

One that we just heard about was from the Beloved in Playa Mujeres

Seven days of Wellness, Nutrition & Fitness

Enjoy an unforgettable week-long vacation full of relaxation and an invigorating wellness journey. Our unique program features different activities ranging from an immersing Yoga Journey by the sea to a Wellness Gourmet Experience in selected restaurants. Reconnect with your inner self with our Therapeutic Ritual, Wellness & Nutrition Workshops, Fitness Program and Special Spa treatments available throughout the hotel.

Celebrate Wellness Week at Beloved Playa Mujeres from Dec 11th to 17th, 2017

Spa Jacuzzi at Ritz Carlton Kapalua- photo credit Ritz Carlton Kapalua

Another is an annual Care for your Body weekend at the Ritz Carlton Kapalua (Maui).  2018 will be their

5th annual Wellness Weekend “E Malama Kou Kino,”  which translates to “care for your body” in the native Hawaiian language, in September. Guests of the resort along with the local community are invited to take part in this three-day health and wellness experience to help balance the mind, body and spirit, while enjoying this exclusive resort on Maui’s pristine north shore. This special weekend accompanies the resort’s ongoing fall wellness offerings and will be kicking off Kapalua’s Wellness Season which will run through the fall and winter months.


We have access to resorts that include daily spa treatments and just heard about an all inclusive resort chain in the Caribbean and Mexico that are adding new wellness and fitness programs to all of their resorts in the coming months.

If wellness, fitness and spa treatments are on your vacation wish list, we can help.

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