In last week’s #Wedding Wednesday blog, My Vacation Lady posted some honeymoon trends published by the Knot for 2010.  When we compared the cost of a honeymoon in Maui that we planned for clients in July 2010 to the exact dates in July 2017 with the same airline, hotel room and car, our 2017 honeymoon was pricing out 60% higher than the 2010 honeymoon.  That’s a big difference and sometimes our honeymooners come to us saying “but my friends went to …. for their honeymoon 2 years ago (or even 1 year ago) and they only paid $$$”   It’s hard to understand why prices are so different just a year later and why your $5000 budget is not going to get you as much for your money.

Generations Riviera Maya

Generations Riviera Maya infinity swim up junior suite

Many times, honeymooners will dream of tropical views with swim up pools or private private plunge pools but in reality the budget they have will only allow them room with no view, a garden view or resort view.

One of My Vacation Lady’s goals is to find the right honeymoon destination and hotel for our honeymooners.  This is the ONE vacation that most couples will splurge on to make it the most special that it can be and our job is to create the best honeymoon experience for you.

Airfare is going to play a major part of your honeymoon budget.  Depending on where you are planning to honeymoon, the cost of your airfare may actually be up to 1/2 of your entire honeymoon budget.

Tip #1:

Check an airline site like Kayak (which will show multiple airlines in one place) to see what the cost of your airfare will actually cost during the time you are looking to travel.

Keep in mind, airline prices are only released about 11 months prior to the date of your return so if you are not getting married for 18 months, look at the prices for your travel dates for this year and add on about 10-20% (just to give you a more realistic price for your actual travel dates).

Stay tuned for more honeymoon planning tips.

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