There may be some differences in opinion when it comes to the best wine and where it comes from but we know that wine can inspire some great vacations.

Loire Valley in France

Loire Valley in France

While there are great vineyards around the world, there are a few destinations that will make a great vacation destination where you can visit wineries and vineyards.  My Vacation Lady has been getting a lot of requests for vacations and honeymoons that include wine tasting and many of those are in Europe- particularly, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.  These countries are known for their great wine regions. Wine inspired vacations are becoming more popular in Sicily, Croatia and Greece.

Europe is by no means the only places to go for wine inspired vacations.  The Napa Valley in California is a local region that we’ve sent clients to for a short wine vacation.

If you have more time, Australia and New Zealand offer great wines, the Mendoza region of Argentina is a great option as well as South Africa.


Whether you are interested in a wine inspired honeymoon or vacation, there are many good options for you, including some cruises based around great wine producing regions.

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