When I was expecting my first child (who is now an adult), Mr My Vacation Lady and I took a vacation to Bermuda.  Little did I realize back then, that I was a trend setter and that taking a pre-baby vacation would be as popular as it is now.

Why did we choose Bermuda?

Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

  • It was 2 hours from New Jersey with great nonstop flights
  • You didn’t have to worry about drinking the water
  • It had  lovely resorts and beautiful beaches

All of those still hold true for today’s parent’s to be and it also has another great selling point— IT’S ZIKA FREE.

With the concerns about pregnant women vacationing in destinations that may have active cases of Zika transmission, taking a babymoon may prove to be a bit more difficult but there are still some great options for you if you want to create some couple memories before your baby arrives.

Some resorts even offer Babymoon packages and lots of spas will offer maternity spa treatments.

So what are some great Zika Free Babymoon Destinations in 2017?


While Bermuda isn’t in the Caribbean and the beach season is a bit shorter than in the Caribbean, it is still a great year round destination.  The peak season in Bermuda is May-October/November  Once you get into December, weather starts cooling down an bit (but still in averages in the 60’s so a light jacket weather) and this is a great time for spa, golf, tennis and exploring.  What can you see and do on a Babymoon to Bermuda?

  • Enjoy the gorgeous pink sand beaches
  • Explore the island by bus or ferry
  • Explore the Crystal Caves and Aquarium
  • Take a sailing excursion
  • Explore the towns of Hamilton and St George
  • Enjoy some spa treatments
  • Shop for adorable baby clothes


Hawaii is a year round beach destination and with great islands to choose from, you can have a fabulous babymoon in Hawaii.  So why travel to Hawaii for a honeymoon?

  • farm to table dining options
  • history, culture and natural beauty
  • the diversity of each of the islands
  • Wonderful spas (to soothe your lower back after exploring the islands)
  • Fabulous resorts

Since Hawaii can be a long flight from the East Coast, how about stopping off for a couple of days in San Francisco first before heading to Hawaii?

San Francisco 

You might have only considered San Francisco as a gateway to Napa but San Francisco can be a great base city for a babymoon.  You can spend a couple of days exploring the city and then rent a car and explore some of the towns outside of San Francisco.

  • While you may not be drinking wine, you can still enjoy a day trip to Napa or Sonoma.
  • Drive out to Muir Woods and see some of the tallest trees on earth.
  • Stop off in the cute coastal town of Sausalito on the way back from Muir Woods
  • Take a ferry out to Alcatraz and take a audio walking tour of the prison cell block.
  • Drive down the coast to Monterey, Carmel and the iconic 17 Mile Drive


What can be more romantic about a vacation to Paris?  While this will not be a beach vacation and you might not be drinking wine, there is still so much to experience together in Paris that you can spend a long weekend in Paris or an entire week.  A couple of tips to consider to make your babymoon to Paris safe and memorable are picking a centrally located hotel, using the bus system instead of the metro (since there are so many stairs in the Paris Metro system),  taking advantage of a Paris Visite Pass and or a Paris Museum Pass and explore at leisurely pace.  Don’t try to do everything in one day.  Some fun babymoon activities in Paris may be:

  • Taking a chocolate making or pastry baking class
  • Touring the beautiful gardens and rooms of the Versailles Palace
  • Taking a cruise up the Seine River
  • Having a shopping day experience by Galeries Lafayette (think adorable baby clothes!)
  • Take in a show at the Moulin Rouge



Just 2 hours from the metro NYC area, Quebec is about as European as you can get while still being in North America.

  • You can explore Old Quebec on foot, with its narrow cobblestone streets, historic buildings and plazas.  Old Quebec is like exploring an old European City.
  • Take a trip out to Montmorency Falls.  During summer evenings the water is illuminated and in July and August, you can see some spectacular fireworks.
  • Take a historic sightseeing cruise along the river
  • If you’re up to it, take a bike tour of the city (and there are actually electric bike tours which makes is to much easier!)
  • Go whale watching
  • Take a ghost walking tour

My Vacation Lady can help you plan your babymoon whether you want beach or culture or natural beauty.  Just speak to your doctor first to make sure it is safe for you to travel and then contact us.  You’ll have plenty of memories to make with the baby so take some time to create memories before the 2 of you become 3.