My Vacation Lady helps hundreds of honeymoon couples every year.  We are not like the huge online agencies or big box stores.  We work with each of our honeymooners on an individual and personal basis to make sure we get to know their honeymoon dreams so well that we can envision what and where your honeymoon will be.

Just in the past week, we spoke to 2 couples who were on internet overload.  They were searching and searching for hours upon hours and getting more and more confused on where they wanted to go.  They were looking at pretty pictures and online reviews and just ended up throwing their hands up and calling it quits.  That’s when they reached out to My Vacation Lady

Sunset over Santorini

Sunset over Santorini

Our last conversation with a honeymoon couple who were on Internet overload were Sam and Stephanie.  Sam had been doing all the research and was thinking of Tahiti, Costa Rica, the Caribbean, Bali, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Greece.  Talk about being all over the place and how overwhelmed they were.

During our honeymoon consultation, we found out a lot about Sam and Stephanie like the beach water must be warm, and that Steph must feel safe anywhere she went.  They didn’t eat any seafood and Stephanie was a very picky eater.  She won’t eat meat at resorts (if she doesn’t know what type it is) and she won’t eat fruits or vegetables.  Sam doesn’t like heights (so no ziplining or helicopter rides).  They aren’t big into historical sightseeing and would prefer not to go on a party (booze) cruise with strangers.   Stephanie doesn’t want the weather to be too hot and the hotels must be air conditioned.

None of this is a problem for the team at My Vacation Lady and we’re glad that they contacted us.  First of all, we knocked off a few different destinations that were on their list due to food and added in a couple of other destinations for them to consider that they didn’t think of before.

When it comes to planning your once in a lifetime, dream honeymoon, let the award winning team at My Vacation Lady help you.  We can help you escape from internet overload and narrow down destinations that will fit your dreams and budget.   My Vacation Lady is the top rated honeymoon specialist located in New Jersey on both Wedding Wire and the Knot so we must be doing something right!