The Zika virus has been of concern to many of My Vacation Lady’s clients, particularly those who are or want to become pregnant soon.

In the past months, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) had removed a few Caribbean islands from their active Zika watch list- the Bahamas, Bermuda, Grand Cayman and Martinique were among those that have been removed.

The team at My Vacation Lady has been sending a good number of babymoon clients to these destinations but how safe is the rest of the Caribbean?

Mike and Ashley’s babymoon to Bermuda at Horseshoe Bay

WHO removes the Caribbean from Zika virus classification

WHO- the World Health Organization is independent of the CDC and was at the fore front in announcing many nations at Zika risk early in the discovery process back in January 2016.   This is a quote from the Jamaica Observer from Oct 19, 2018

This removal of the mosquito borne virus by the WHO comes on the heels of data released by the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA), giving evidence that the Zika virus transmission in the Caribbean had been interrupted for over 12 months, or was at undetectable levels, thereby posing very little risk to residents and visitors to the region.

“This was matched by data shared with CARPHA by Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States of America, which showed that no Zika had been detected for over 12 months in travellers returning from the Caribbean to their countries,” CARPHA noted in a statement.

This evidence was used by the Caribbean Community to pen a letter to the WHO Director General calling for the immediate reclassification of CARPHA Member States from Category 1 — having active Zika transmission, to Category 3 — having no Zika transmission, arguing that the classification system had outlived its useful purpose.

The next step will be for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control to reduce or completely eliminate its travel advisories for Caribbean destinations.

At this time, no travel agent, including the team at My Vacation Lady, should be advising clients about the safety of a destination from Zika.  We will always suggest that a client speak to their physician if they are concerned about Zika.

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