Will the Volcano eruptions in the Big Island effect your Hawaii vacation?

The team at My Vacation Lady has been fielding questions, concerns and uncertainty about the safety of our upcoming Hawaii honeymoons and vacations.

Our clients are hearing the news about the eruption of Kilauea Volcano on TV and social media.  They are getting questions from their friends and family about how safe it is to go on their honeymoon to Hawaii now.  First of all, the volcano is currently effecting 1 small (southeast) section of the Big Island.  The 3 other main islands, Maui, Kauai and Oahu are not effected.

This map is one that one of our partners Hawaii Forest and Trail posted and you can see the current eruption site.

We are certainly not saying that the eruptions is not serious or can’t be dangerous to those in the effected area.  We are instead saying that the Kona or Kohala resort areas of the island are about 100 miles from the eruption site.  They are not effected by the volcano.

We have been checking in on a very regular basis with our friends at the Fairmont Orchid, which is north of the the Waikoloa Resort area on the map.

Since Debi and Travis are leaving for Maui on Monday and then heading to the Fairmont Orchid on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, they are obviously stressed.  Between the wedding and what they are hearing, panicked may be a better word.

We asked for a current photo of what it looks like at the Fairmont Orchid and our friend, Noelani took this picture (May 17) of the beach and sky.



As you can see, the sky is crystal clear and the beach looks wonderfully inviting.

We would never suggest that our clients go somewhere dangerous but the rest of Hawaii is beautiful and welcoming visitors.

This is what My Vacation Lady does to help our clients feel more at ease.



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