Beth and Andre just booked their honeymoon to Japan and Vietnam and are planning to only take carry on back packs for their luggage.  This amazed me since they’re going for more than 2 weeks and My Vacation Lady is the queen of over packing.  I would need more than the 1 allowed piece of checked luggage for that length of time. 

So  when  looking  for  the  information  on  the  size  and  weight  of  carry  on  luggage,  I found a neat cheat sheet on the carry on luggage dimensions and more on 170 airlines.

Yes, Beth and Andre’s airline was on there and they are limited to carry on bags that are no  more then 21.6″ x 15.7″ x 7.8″ and no more than 22 lbs.    That’s not much room for them but I guess they are used to traveling lighter than I am.

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