So many of My Vacation Lady‘s clients will tell us that there are foodies.  They are adventurous with food and would love to explore foods while they are on vacation— yes, even with their kids.

How can you bring some culinary adventures into your family vacation?

  1.  Schedule a food tour of local hole in the wall restaurants.  We know of a number of them in Hawaii, Italy, London, New York City and more.
  2.  Introduce kids to cooking local delicacies by scheduling a cooking class. We have access to cooking classes throughout the world!
  3. Visit local markets and let your kids taste food from stalls and food carts. 
  4. Take you kids on a cruise or to an all inclusive resort.  There are so many options in food that if they try something that they don’t like, order something else and you don’t need to worry about paying for it because it’s all included. This is how our kids learned to eat duck, lobster, sushi and more.
  5.  Let them “catch” their own food.  If you go salmon fishing on an Alaskan cruise, you can bring the fish back and the chef can prepare it for you.  Go Truffle hunting in places like Croatia, Italy and France

If the foodie tours or activities that you see online have age restrictions, we might be able to schedule private tours for your family.

Let the family vacation specialists at My Vacation Lady help you create memories with your kids that will last a lifetime.