I know you’ve done this too because I certainly have—– leave something in your hotel room after you checked out. Sometimes you won’t even notice it until you settled into another hotel on your trip or got home.


Do you know what the most forgotten items are???

Electronics Chargers– that’s right– your phone charger, camera chargers and most other chargers where you unplug the device and leave the charger in the electric socket.

I’ve done this with electric adapters too.  I took the appliance plug out of the adapter and then left the adapter in the electric socket.  Luckily I had another one (because I always travel with a back up).

So our travel tip of the day is when unplugging your electronic device and charger— pull the charger out of the wall and keep it attached to your phone, camera or device.

If you are leaving the hotel room, put the charger somewhere that you can’t forget it- like with your underwear, makeup or tooth brush (although that may not be the best idea since those are among the top 5 items left behind in hotel rooms).

One of my colleagues suggests using post it notes attached to your passports to remind you to take all of your chargers.

Do you have any better ideas?  Let us know and we’ll post them in a future post or Tuesday Travel Tip!

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