Croatia is popping up on many of My Vacation Lady’s clients wish lists for both vacations and honeymoons.  Croatia was part of Yugoslavia before 1991 and was really an undiscovered travel destination until relatively recently.   In the past 10 years, for U.S. travelers, this little gem of a country has really become a top choice for travelers in the past decade.

So where is Croatia and what’s so great about it?  

  • Croatia stretches along Adriatic Sea, just below Slovenia and just to the east of Italy.  The coastline has over 1,100 islands making it one of Europe’s top seaside destinations.
  • It’s more than just fun in the sun, though.  Croatia has everything from walled cities, Roman ruins, castles, beautiful parks, rivers, mountains, good local wineries and a bustling cafe and foodie culture.
  • We can’t forget the Game of Thrones.  The series setting- King’s Landing, is really Dubrovnik and many of our clients will take a “Game of Thrones” excurion to see where some of their favorite episodes were filmed.
  • Seasonal non stop flights from Philadelphia to Dubrovnik just made getting there a lot easier.

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There is so much more to Croatia than these short snippets.  Since so many of our honeymooners were interested in Croatia, we put together this short guide on why Croatia is a great honeymoon destination.  It’s certainly not just for honeymooners but if you think that Croatia may be a good choice for your next vacation or your honeymoon, Contact My Vacation Lady and we can figure that out with you.