My Vacation Lady has been in the business of planning our clients’ dream honeymoons and vacations since 1994, yet we still cringe when a client calls or emails “looking for a deal”.  How appropriate is it to talk about Deals on Black Friday- the biggest shopping day of the year?

What is a “deal?”

Sometimes we’ll get calls or emails saying that they are looking for a vacation to XXX destination and at YYY hotel and they saw what they want for a specific amount of money.  Usually the numbers will be much lower than we are used to seeing or know that the hotel or destination is not what we would typically recommend to our clients.  What we will might ask is, “Are you looking at that property or cruise because it’s cheap or because it is truly the property/destination or cruise ship that you want to spend your hard earned vacation dollars on?”

The word deal, in itself, is not the problem.  It’s the way it’s been used over the years by the big online travel agencies that vow that every price they have is a great deal.

Yes, it may sound cheap but is it the right vacation for YOU?

My Vacation Lady, can help you get value for your vacation or honeymoon budget but we may not sell you what you came in asking for.   In our case, most of our new clients are either recommended by our satisfied clients or they find us through referrals on wedding sites.  Our goal is to make each client a satisfied client who will recommend us to all of their friends and family members who want to plan a vacation or honeymoon.

What do you think?

How cheap does a bad vacation have to be before you think it will be ok?

Yes, we will offer value for your vacation dollars but more than that, we’re not going to let you buy a vacation that is not the right vacation package for you- just because it’s cheap.

We’ll try to work within your budget but we also have to be realistic.  If airfare is $1000 each and your budget for a week’s vacation is $2500 for the 2 of you, you might want to think of another time of year, another destination or make it a shorter vacation.


Let the vacation and honeymoon specialists at My Vacation Lady help you plan the right vacation for you at a price you can live with.