Traveling with your children or grandchildren is something that My Vacation Lady talks about a lot.  We are big supporters of the idea of collecting memories and not things.  We also know that flying with toddlers can be trying.    How many times have you been on a plane where there are small kids on board and you have hoped (and prayed) that their parents have come prepared?

Here is a list of some items to take with you in your carry on when you are traveling with pre-schoolers:

  • Snacks- this is actually something to pack for everyone since they no longer feed you on planes.  Crackers, pretzels, and fruit snacks are all good options.
  • A tablet (or Ipad)- there are some good games for kids to play or even movies to watch to keep them entertained
  • In the same vein— bring headphones to plug into the tablet.  Just because the movie or game is keeping your little one occupied, it doesn’t mean that your fellow travelers want to listen to it.
  • Books- these can include coloring books, interactive reading books– just about any kind of book that will allow them to have some activity while still in their seats.
  • Notepad or plain paper and crayons or magic markers and stickers- let them create some masterpieces on the plane
  • A couple of changes of clothing- enough said
  • Plastic zip bags – they can hold anything from snacks to crayons to soiled clothing
  • Their favorite blanket or stuffed animal- these may help them feel more comfortable on a long flight but please remember to take them with you.
  • Wipes– these are a must for wiping down dirty and sticky hands and more.

Also, check for come coloring book apps that might be available for your tablet or phone.  These might keep them occupied with out making a mess.

Do you have anymore tips on entertaining young kids on a plane ride?  If you do, send them to us and we’ll publish them in one of our future traveling with kids blogs.

If you think flying with kids may be difficult, planning your family vacation can be just as trying.  The experienced team and My Vacation Lady can help make memories on your next family vacation!