Lots of My Vacation Lady’s honeymooners are heading out to the Greek Islands for their 2022 honeymoon including ones we just spoke to.  Many will ask if we had some packing tips for them.  As a matter of fact, we d0.

Astra Suites, Santorini

Astra Suites, Santorini

Here are some packing tips for your honeymoon to the Greek Islands:

General packing tips:

  • Bring sunglasses- the sun reflects off of the white buildings
  • Bring sunscreen
  • Bring a hat- preferably a wide brimmed one
  • Don’t bring high heeled shoes, unless you plan on just staying in your hotel and not exploring.  There are lots of cobblestone streets that are not high heel friendly
  • Your knees and shoulders will need to be covered if you are going to enter any churches or monasteries
  • Use light weight luggage. Santorini hotels are built into the cliff side so a carry on with wheels may be cumbersome.
  • Bring empty refillable water bottles (preferably insulated ones)
  • Use a back pack as a carry on, which can come in handy for self-exploring and hiking


  • The Greek islands are pretty laid back so you don’t need lots of dress clothes.
  • More than 1 bathing suit is a must—you don’t want to have to try to pull on a wet swim suit
  • Good walking shoes with sturdy soles – good for hiking and walking on uneven paths
  • Mix and match tops and bottoms—shorts, capris, cotton pants.
  • Low heeled dressier sandals, flip flops, good walking/hiking shoes or sneakers
  • Sweater or wrap, in case it gets chilly at night
  • Long sleeve button down shirt- in case you just need something for over a tank top or tee shirt.
  • A long sarong—use it as a bathing suit cover up, a short dress or something to use to lay on the beach
  • Water shoes


  • Sunscreen- worth repeating
  • Aloe or after sun lotion
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Hair conditioner- hotels will provide shampoo but not all have conditioner
  • Prescription medications
  • First aid medications/ointments
  • Bandaids
  • Contact lenses and solution + your glasses


  • Multiple electric adapters (so you can charge more than one device at a time).  For heated appliances (hair dryer, straightener) you’ll need a converter.
  • The hotels will have hair dryers but they may not be as powerful as you are used to.
  • Leave the straightener at home— it’s humid.  Try embracing curls for your honeymoon.

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