My Vacation Lady plans hundreds of honeymoons a year and sometimes our honeymooners won’t take their honeymoon right after the wedding.  We’ve worked with a lot of couples who have chose to take belated honeymoons.

What makes couples decide to delay their honeymoons and there were many different reasons.

1.  A few of our couples had school conflicts .  Teachers typically can’t take off from school for a week or 2 to take a honeymoon and we had a few of that happen this year.  We also have couples who are in college or graduate school and need to work their honeymoons around their semester breaks.

2.  House vs. honeymoon— We’ve had a few of those as well.  Many of our couples invest a lot of time and money into their first homes and decide to delay their honeymoon until they’ve fixed up their house a bit.  This was the case for Amber and Scott.  They took a very belated honeymoon to Hawaii in May although their wedding was over a year ago.

3.  More and more couples are paying for their weddings and just don’t have the money to go on a honeymoon right after the wedding or are waiting to see what they get in wedding gifts to determine their honeymoon budget.

4.  Work projects wouldn’t allow Melanie and Brian to take their honeymoon right after their early November  wedding, so they headed to Hawaii in early December  – about a month after their wedding.

5.  Waiting for the best weather- Steve and Samantha got married in May but wanted to get out of the cold weather in Pittsburgh.  They honeymooned in Costa Rica in February.  Carla and Marc got married in April but really wanted to honeymoon in Greece so they postponed their honeymoon until mid May.

  • Do any of these reasons sound familiar?
  • Does your situation sound similar?

Perhaps you too should consider delaying your honeymoon until you have the time and the funds to really have the honeymoon that you really want.


Here are some other times when it makes sense to delay your honeymoon:

  • you are dreaming of a honeymoon in the Greek islands but your wedding is in November and the Greek Islands are virtually closed during that time of year.
  • you are dreaming of a tropical beach resort in the Caribbean or Mexico but don’t want to risk going during hurricane season.
  • your dream honeymoon is going to the South Pacific but you are getting married in January- their rainy season.

The experienced team at My Vacation Lady can help guide you in the best destinations and times to go on your dream honeymoon.

We can also help if you feel more comfortable delaying your honeymoon until the time is right.

As the top rated honeymoon specialist located in the state of NJ according to the couples on Wedding Wire and the Knot, we won’t be the first to tell you that your honeymoon should be special but we are the right honeymoon specialists to make it special.


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