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More info on the Zika Virus

I found this interesting article about Zika while reading the newspaper the other day.  Yes, we still do get newspapers :) The article was about how the number of birth defects hasn't happened as first predicted.  This is wonderful news!  In this article form the Washington Post, RIO DE JANEIRO — Nearly nine months after [...]

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Zika Free destinations for beach and sunshine this winter

The list is getting shorter-- we admit it.  With all of the Caribbean now on the CDC list for active Zika Virus Transmission, if you want a tropical destination to get away from the cold this winter, your options are somewhat limited. My Vacation Lady just received an email from Craig.  He honeymooned in Hawaii [...]

The New Zika reports and your vacation planning

Zika is in the news again.  This time, it is being actively transmitted in southern Florida.  For the first time in as long as we can remember, the CDC has issue a warning for pregnant women to avoid those 2 counties in Florida that have cases of Zika. More and more, My Vacation Lady is [...]

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