Caitlin and Jim are a sweet couple who recently booked a honeymoon to Greece for August 2016.  They were on a tight budget- $10,000 to include 10 nights in Greece (2 in Athens, 4 in Mykonos, 4 in Santorini), hotels, local transportation, excursions, meals and international flights from the NY region.  While $10,ooo may seem like an enormous budget, airfare was running about $1750 per person from the NYC area or about $1550 each from Philadelphia.

My Vacation Lady tries to provide a seamless vacation or honeymoon package so when we’re given a budget, we can judge some costs and then we figure out what we have left to work with.  So we took this $10,000 budget and backed out the current cost of the flights.  We had about $6500 to work with and that didn’t include meals, other than breakfast, meals on excursions that might be included and a special dinner as part of their honeymoon package in Mykonos.  We knew that they wanted it to be special so we came in with a package that they loved— a bit over their budget- $6975 without the international flights.  Cait and Jim decided that they could swing that so they booked it but were going to wait until January to book the international flights.  They had some credit card points that they could use and they were hoping that prices would come down.

Because we are helping another client on a honeymoon on the same dates, we glanced at the current cost of flights.  We saw that United’s nonstop flights from Newark to Athens went down to $919 each round trip— a savings of over $800 per ticket!

We called Cait and Jim and left voice mails.  Then we texted Cait and then emailed the flight info.  The message was—- buy these tickets NOW!!!

This was the last email from Cait:

Here is the flight confirmation info we have so far, thank you so much for this! You are a life saver!  Please let us know if you need anything else; we will send you the official confirmation when we get it.
Thanks for everything,
With their credit card points, they saved even more money and the airline tickets ended up costing about $1150 for both of them.  Their honeymoon package ended up at $8125.  So with their $10,000 budget, they still have almost $2000 for meals, drinks and other fun stuff in Greece.
Life saver— no but we do aim to please 🙂
We go out of our way to make sure our clients’ vacation and honeymoon planning experience is stress free and that their vacation and honeymoon packages are seamless.  If that is the kind of service you are looking for, Contact Us and find out what we can do for your next vacation!