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Good Eats in the Big Island

Last month, Mr and Mrs My Vacation Lady spent 6 nights in the Big Island of Hawaii and we checked out a lot of new restaurants that we hadn’t eaten at before.  Our goal was to try more local food- not the typical places that tourists go.  So again, we asked our friends and […]

Whale watching in Hawaii

Humpback whales visit the waters surrounding the Hawaiian Islands each year from November to May.  The the peak of the season is between January and March.

On our last vacation to Hawaii in late November into early December 2017, My Vacation Lady was lucky to catch a glimpse of whales during our snorkeling and whale watching excursion from […]

What does an average honeymoon to Hawaii cost?

My Vacation Lady frequently gets asked— what does an average honeymoon to xxxx destination cost?

The team at My Vacation Lady doesn’t plan average honeymoons.  We customize honeymoons based on your dreams and budget so none of our honeymoons are average.  All of our customized honeymoon packages include the type of hotels you want, the activities […]

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Places to visit at least once in your lifetime

Many of My Vacation Lady’s clients have a vacation wish list or a bucket list of places that they may only dream about.  But guess what, you never know when an opportunity may come up that will allow you to visit some of these places that you’ve been dreaming about.

So which destinations have you been […]

Good Eats in Maui

Every time we go to Hawaii, we always try to eat in different restaurants and we love to try places where the locals eat— not just the touristy ones.

Our last vacation to Maui in late November/early December 2017, we did just that.   Before we left, I asked my friends and contacts in Maui to […]

Once in a life time honeymoons

The Team at My Vacation Lady has been getting requests for honeymoons that are beyond your normal vacation.  We’re not just talking about over the water bungalows in Bora Bora honeymoons but rather those that are much more complex and exotic.

My Vacation Lady  has worked with honeymoon couples that were looking for out of […]

Updated: The REAL ID and how it will effect your US travel in 2018

In the last couple of months, there has been a lot of talk about the REAL ID and how it will effect your travel throughout the US in 2018.
If you live in one of the BLUE or YELLOW states, you need to read this.














Later in 2018 (currently Oct 11, 2018) unless the TSA pushes […]

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Big Island Volcano Excursion review

As a travel professional, I often pre-book excursions for my clients and since we were going to be in the Big Island of Hawaii, I thought it was time to experience one of the activities that I recommend frequently.  While my clients have come back enjoying this excursion, I really needed to experience it myself […]

Great Honeymoon Destination- Hawaii

One of My Vacation Lady’s favorite honeymoon destinations is Hawaii.  No if’s, and’s or but’s, we LOVE Hawaii and so do our honeymooners.  For the friends and clients who know us, when we are in Hawaii, we are in our “Happy Place”

With 4 major islands, all so different, a honeymoon to Hawaii can be […]

The Happiest of New Years!

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