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Fun Multi Generational Family Vacations

As we travel more and more as a multi-generational family, we will start focusing on some resorts and trips that are great for Family vacations. In late June, Mr. and Mrs. My Vacation Lady  went with our daughter's family on a mini getaway to a "dude ranch" in update New York.  Well trust me, horses were [...]

Should you schedule your wedding around where you want to honeymoon?

Would you consider scheduling your wedding date around where you want to go on your honeymoon? Sounds a bit odd but honestly, My Vacation Lady actually had recently engaged clients contact us to plan their wedding date around the best time to take their dream honeymoon. So let's really look at this and think about [...]

Scotland travel tips part 2

For weeks before we went to our vacation to Scotland in May, I was stressing over what to pack.  We were visiting so much of Scotland during a month when weather can change in a minute.  I checked the forecast every day for the 2 weeks before we left to get an idea and in [...]

Should you delay your honeymoon?

My Vacation Lady plans hundreds of honeymoons a year and sometimes our honeymooners won't take their honeymoon right after the wedding.  We've worked with a lot of couples who have chose to take belated honeymoons. What makes couples decide to delay their honeymoons and there were many different reasons. 1.  A few of our couples [...]

Scotland Travel Tips- Good to know

Mr. and Mrs. My Vacation Lady spent 2 weeks in Bonnie Scotland in late May/early June 2024 and I have some really good info for you if you are interested in visiting Scotland.  We took an escorted group tour (our choice) but you can also rent a car and explore on your own or take [...]

#YOLO honeymoons

You only get one change at a first honeymoon and many of My Vacation Lady's clients want to make sure that their honeymoon is once in a lifetime! In the past couple of years, we had had the pleasure of helping many clients plan their #YOLO honeymoons. So what is a #YOLO or You Only [...]

What can a luxury family vacation with toddlers look like?

Yes, you can still have luxury when traveling with toddlers! Luxury Unleashed: Enjoying a High-End Vacation with Your Toddlers in Tow Imagine this: waking up to the soft, golden hues of sunrise, filtering through the curtains of your suite, with the promise of a day that's as relaxing as it is fun for you and [...]

Exotic Multi Destinaton Honeymoons

My Vacation Lady has been getting requests for more unique honeymoons- something different, life changing and something that they may never get to do again. Island hopping between the Hawaiian islands, Greek Islands, Tahitian islands or around Fiji is very common. So is visiting multiple cities within one country in Europe or Bali or Thailand [...]

Hawaiian Phrases to know

If you are visiting Hawaii soon, there are some phrases that can help you during your vacation or honeymoon.   This list was put together by the Hawaii Tourism Authority and I LOVE that it includes pronunciations too! My Vacation Lady loves Hawaii and we always try to use some Hawaiian phrases during our time in [...]

Using a Honeymoon Specialist to Plan Your Dream Honeymoon…

You only get one honeymoon.  Shouldn't it be everything that you dreamed it would be? Here are some perfect examples of why you should use a honeymoon specialist, like My Vacation Lady, to help plan your dream honeymoon. There is no internet site or app that can help plan your honeymoon the way a honeymoon [...]

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