For the past thirty years Vickie Thomas has been helping people plan and fulfill their dream vacations.  

head shotI started my career with AAA Alabama which fueled my fascination with the travel industry.  My fascination with the world continues to blossom with each new adventure I help clients discover.

Over the years, I have helped my clients explore every continent except Antarctica.  (I would like to send someone there, in fact, I would love to go there myself).  Every client has a different dream of the “perfect” vacation.  Some dream of walking down an isolated beach at sunset, holding hands with the one they love.  Some crave the adventure of finding something new and exciting.  Many just want to kick back, relax and enjoy!

Over my career, I have helped to plan many memorable trips, but one that sticks in my mind is a trip for a World War II vet who wanted to share his recollections of D-day with his son.  They were able to explore the Beaches of Normandy together. I was able to sit down with him when he returned and share in the pictures that he took.  It was an experience that I will treasure for a lifetime.

Matching travelers with a vacation that meets their wants and needs is what I do best.  I spend time with each client getting to know his or her vacation expectations.  Not every vacation destination is right for every person.  I like to match the person with the vacation that’s just right for them.   Considering one’s budget is also important in designing a perfect getaway.  Budgets vary and getting my travelers the best trip in their designated budget ensures a great value for their vacation dollars.

So no matter the type of vacation you want to plan…  an exciting cruise, an island escape, an international exploration, or simply a break from the stresses of life…Vickie Thomas can help you fulfill your vacation dreams.  Give her a call today and let’s see where your next adventure leads….

Vickie joined My Vacation Lady as an independent affiliate in December 2014.

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