Shelly joined My Vacation Lady in October 2020 and loves helping her clients create life long memories.

You know that friend that everyone asks to help plan their trips? That’s me!  After years of helping friends and family research and plan their vacations, I decided it was time to do it full time.  I love travel and I love to plan do it’s a perfect fit!

With 2 young kids, and all the activities that come with them, I know how crazy life can get. 

Sometimes the thought of figuring out where to go, which hotel to stay in, planning activities  and then booking then the vacation can be daunting. And half the time you come home just as tired and stressed as you were when you left. 

Don’t you wish you had one less worry on your shoulder so you could actually enjoy your trip.  That’s where Shelly’s Got Your Ticket can come to the rescue. 

Let me take the stress of planning your vacation away.

I am here to help families plan vacations that will create a lifetime of memories.

Be it a kid’s first trip to Disney or a parents’ romantic getaway, I can assist with all your vacation planning needs.

Shelly can be reached at