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Big Island Volcano Excursion review

As a travel professional, I often pre-book excursions for my clients and since we were going to be in the Big Island of Hawaii, I thought it was time to experience one of the activities that I recommend frequently.  While my clients have come back enjoying this excursion, I really needed to experience it myself and [...]

How to see flowing lava in Volcanoes National Park

This year more and more of My Vacation Lady's clients are heading to the Big Island of Hawaii and at the top of their list of must see's is to see lava flowing in Volcanoes National Park. While travelers can view the current flow on their own, officials recommend booking a tour for safety’s sake. [...]

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Hawaii + beer = great vacations

If you want to take a vacation or honeymoon to Hawaii and you love craft beer, you’re in luck. You may not think of small craft breweries in Hawaii but if you are a lover of craft beer, Hawaii is a hot new craft beer destination.  An additional benefit is that these breweries are using [...]

Food Trucks- Hawaii Style

My first food truck experience in Hawaii was Giovanni's Shrimp Truck on the North Shore of Oahu.  First you'll see the sign. Shrimp truck in the North Shore of Oahu And then you'll see the actual Food Truck Shrimp Truck How I ever got a picture with no line in front [...]

For Free (or almost) on the Big Island of Hawaii

With more and more of our clients coming to us for a repeat visit to Hawaii, My Vacation Lady is seeing a surge in the interest in the Big Island.   The Big Island is really just "Hawaii" but since so many people got confused, it's commonly known as the Big Island.  And big it [...]

Road to Hana- tips

Road to Hana It's been a couple of years since My Vacation Lady has been to Hawaii and it's time to go back.  It's in the plans for later this fall.  Whenever we go, we always try to do something new and different but this time around, we'll be heading back to do [...]

What happens when your vacation dreams exceed your budget?

My Vacation Lady recently received a honeymoon request for 3 nights each at 5 star luxury resorts in 2 islands in Hawaii, with ocean view rooms, car rental and flights from North Carolina. The couple did some research and found that flights were about $1000 per person for the time they wanted to travel.  OK- a [...]

Here’s 1 reason to use a vacation specialist to plan your vacations

Just a couple of days ago, we mentioned why you should use a honeymoon specialist to plan your dream honeymoon and how we helped Joe and Andrea during their honeymoon to Bali. Well, here is 1 good reason to use a Vacation Specialist to plan your vacations: Two weeks ago, we booked a 5 night [...]

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What is there to do in the Big Island of Hawaii?

If you saw our last blog post about top honeymoon destinations for 2016 for My Vacation Lady, you would have seen that many of our honeymooners choose Hawaii fro their dream honeymoons.  We are planning to head back to Hawaii this fall and we need to get back to the Big Island.  We haven't been [...]

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Our favorite dessert in Hawaii

Most of you know from our past blog posts that My Vacation Lady LOVES Hawaii!  Our favorite island is probably the last one that we visited but we found our favorite dessert on all of the islands. Hula Pie Yes, you know what it is---Hula Pie- a completely decadent dessert that was the complete and [...]

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