Many of My Vacation Lady’s clients want to do some hiking in Kauai and think that they have to go to Waimea Canyon or the North Shore to do some hiking and see some great views.  It was funny that one of my honeymooners told me that her friend (another of our honeymooners) found a great hike just 50 yards from the resort that they were staying in.  Yes, I told Katie, we did that one as well.

Hiking Kauai’s Mahaulepu Heritage Trail

Literally, you can walk across the parking lot of Shipwreck Beach, just a few hundred feet from the Grand Hyatt’s property and you can start this trail.  It’s not difficult (except that we thought we had to climb a steep hill to get to the beginning of the trail).  Had we walked a bit more to the left, we could have taken a gradual incline to the trail, but we wouldn’t have met the 2 artists who set up their easels to paint the view from the steep point.  The Mahaulepu Heritage Trail is probably the easiest hike in Kauai but still will give you some phenomenal views.



Here is some more info about hiking the Mahaulepu Heritage Trail 

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