Experience the diversity of the Hawaiian Islands!As most of our clients know, My Vacation Lady LOVES Hawaii and there is really no bad time to go to the islands but there are some better times to go than others.

So let’s look at the best times to go to Hawaii.


  • This is high season in Hawaii but not necessarily the best time to travel.  The prices will typically be higher for the hotels, but maybe a bit less for the flights.  You’ll expect to pay a bit more in these months.
  • The surf is a bit higher so this is a great time for surfing and surfing events.
  • The temperature will still be in the high 70’s but cooler in the evening.
  • The trade winds might make the temperature feel a bit cooler.
  • It is whale watching season so that’s a plus.
  • Waterfalls will be quite lush but that might be due to the higher rain fall totals in these months.


This is one of our favorite times to travel to the Hawaiian islands.  

  • The rain is less and the trade winds tend to die down a bit.
  • After the Easter vacations, prices are much more reasonable compared to winter and summer months.
  • The surf is calmer and the water temperature is in the high 70’s
  • The flowers are blooming in full force.
  • Prices for flights and hotels are typically reasonable (well for Hawaii, anyway)
  • The last week of April and first week of May are when many Japanese visitors arrive to celebrate Golden Week, so those might be times to avoid if at all possible.


Kids are out of school and this is a huge honeymoon season so this is PEAK travel season.  Hawaii is super popular in the summer months.

  • Airfare is going to be the highest during the summer months (especially if you are flying from the East Coast)
  • Hotels will be more crowded with families (and please remember that Hawaii is a family friendly destination)
  • The weather will be the warmest and can reach the high 80’s and maybe even the 90’s but the humidity may make it feel warmer.
  • The surf is pretty low so not the best time to go surfing
  • Water temperature is warmest
  • Some of the waterfalls may not be as lush because there is much less rain than in winter months.
  • On the very rare occasions that hurricanes might hit, it is still hurricane season in Hawaii.

Should any of this scare you away from visiting Hawaii in the summer– absolutely NOT!


This is typically the time when My Vacation Lady travels to Hawaii– for a number of reasons:

  • Prices are lower than in the summer and fall months.  Airfare from the NY region has been as low as $700 round trip in the last couple of years from October- early December.
  • Once the kids go back to school, the hotels are less crowded.  This also means many more 5th night free promotions.
  • It is a bit rainier but not as much as during the winter.
  • Surf is kicking up a bit.
  • The Bonzai Pipeline surf competition starts in Oahu.
  • Halloween in Waikiki and Lahaina is a blast!!
  • With the exception of Halloween, Thanksgiving week and Christmas week, the crowds are pretty light.

So, in my humble opinion, spring time is the best time to visit Hawaii but if you are getting married and planning a Hawaii honeymoon or are just planning a vacation, don’t let any of these points scare you away from Hawaii.

Any day in Hawaii is better than a day at work 🙂

My Vacation Lady  LOVES Hawaii and we go as often as possible.  If you are looking for a Hawaiian honeymoon or vacation, My Vacation Lady can help you plan a fabulous Hawaiian experience!

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