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Honeymoon Styles

My Vacation Lady is the top rated honeymoon specialist located in New Jersey according to the couples on both Wedding Wire and the Knot.  We’ve been sending our clients on their dream honeymoons for over 20 years and have seen a lot of changes in honeymoon styles over the years.

We’ve spoken about many of […]

Top 20 honeymoon destinations for 2017-2018

Every year, US News ranks the best honeymoon destinations and their 2017-2018 list recently was published.   The list is a combination of both industry expert opinions as well as thousands of travel voters.  Let’s see which destinations made their top 20 list and if they may be the best honeymoon destinations for your once […]

Honeymoon consultations- why does My Vacation Lady require one?

My Vacation Lady is one of the few honeymoon specialists that conducts a unique and very in-depth honeymoon consultation before even making a single suggestion or recommendation.

Some engaged couples don’t understand the need for it.  One groom actually thought that our requirement of speaking to and getting to know to both the bride and […]

How to plan a honeymoon on a budget

Congratulations!  You just got engaged!

Planning a wedding can be stressful.  We understand that between working  full time and trying to research wedding venues and photographers and florists and more that your time is stretched to the max.  Money is flying out the door for deposits.

Now you’re trying to plan a honeymoon and you don’t […]

What does a $7500 honeymoon look like in 2017?

For the last couple of weeks, My Vacation Lady has been posting about honeymoon budgets.  Last week, we talked about what you can get for a $5000 honeymoon budget and this week, we are going to look at what our actual clients booked around the $7500 range for their 2017 honeymoons.

Pure Adventure in Costa […]

What does an average honeymoon cost?

Where do you even start to plan a realistic honeymoon budget when every online travel agency is screaming DEALS to you?

My Vacation Lady won’t be the first to tell you that your honeymoon should be special but we are the best honeymoon specialists that can make it special for you with nice little perks […]

Fabulous honeymoon rooms

Almost every couple that My Vacation Lady speaks to wants their honeymoon room to be special- not the run of the mill hotel room.  While there is nothing wrong with the rooms in most Americanized hotel, like Marriotts and Sheratons, many of our honeymooners want something special- something unique, something out of the ordinary!
What […]

What is your Dream Tropical Honeymoon

My Vacation Lady has been speaking to many newly engaged couples over the last few years about planning their dream honeymoon.

Some requests come in with pretty specific locations, while other requests, like Sharon and Alex were are bit more vague.

Alex sent a Facebook message that looked like this:
Hope all is well! My Fiance decided that I […]

How we get to know your honeymoon dreams!

Honeymoon Consultation- does your travel agent require one?  Why is one important?

We know there are many ways to book your honeymoon, but the honeymoon specialists at My Vacation Lady prefer the PERSONAL APPROACH!

There are some “travel agents” who will only ask a couple of questions and then make a suggestion based on what they like […]

Honeymoon Planning 101 Step 6

This is the last of My Vacation Lady’s Honeymoon Planning Boot Camp.
Step 6- Getting Started Planning Your Honeymoon- who to hire?
How do you choose a honeymoon specialist to help plan your dream honeymoon?

We, at My Vacation Lady, understand that you have many options when it comes to planning and booking your honeymoon but we prefer […]