My Vacation Lady has posted many blogs posts about some great honeymoon destinations and great honeymoon resorts but still, deciding on the right honeymoon destination is difficult for many engaged couples.  Between finding a place that they haven’t been to before (either together or with friends or family) and finding the right destination that will give them the type of experiences they are looking for, it’s hard to make a decision on just one place.

Between their friends and family telling the engaged couple what they loved and that is why they should go there too, or trying to avoid going to the same place that all of your friends honeymooned, the big world may seem to shrink.

Here are some tips on how to narrow down the big world out there into the right honeymoon destination for your dream honeymoon:

1.  Decide how long you want to be away.  If you have 2 weeks, there are many options that you can look at that have long flights that would not make sense for just a week or less

2.  Are you OK with connecting flights or do you only want nonstop flights?  For some honeymooners, nonstop flights from their area is not an option but for those who live near major international airports, there are a good number of possible destinations that are nonstop.  For instance, from the New York area, you can fly nonstop to many of the Caribbean islands but also, many European and Asian countries, Hawaii, South and Central America and even some African nations.  From Los Angeles, the South Pacific is only one plane ride away and you can get to Tahiti in 8 hours, Fiji in 10 1/2 hours, Australia in 13 hours, New Zealand in 12 hours.

3.  Do you want tropical or adventurous or city explorations or a combination?  Think about the type of experiences you are looking for and that will help narrow down options, too

4.  When can you travel?  Keep in mind that hurricane season is most prevalent in the late summer into the fall in the Caribbean.  Keep in mind that the peak season in Europe, the South Pacific and Bali will be during the summer.  Australia and New Zealand’s seasons are reversed from ours so a June honeymoon means winter weather.

5.  What can you afford to spend on your honeymoon?  If your budget is somewhat limited, consider a honeymoon registry or traveling during off peak season to get the most value for your honeymoon dollars.  If you need some sort of idea about what your money can buy in a certain destination, check the cost of flights first and see what that may leave you for the remainder of your honeymoon.


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We won’t be the first to tell you that your honeymoon should be special but we are the right honeymoon specialists to make it special.  Give us a call and let us show you how our personal approach to honeymoon can help you have the best possible honeymoon!


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