My Vacation Lady just had a consultation with a couple that got married last December but has yet to take a honeymoon.  Life got in the way— they both switched jobs, they bought a house and they just didn’t have the time or money for a long honeymoon.  So rather than spending money that they didn’t have or borrow vacation time, they took a mini moon and now are planning their big honeymoon.

So if this sounds like your situation, a mini moon might be the right choice for you now.

Just some things to consider:

1. Make it close— you don’t want to spend more time in a car or on a flight than you’ll be at your destination.

2. Consider a short flight– keep it to under 3 hours.

  • if you’re in the NYC or Boston area, consider Bermuda.  The flight is only 2 hours
  • Miami is less than 3 hours from the Northeast.
  • Las Vegas is a short hop from most West Coast airports.
  • Cancun is a couple of hours from Dallas, Houston or Miami.
  • The Bahamas is a short flight from Miami and the East Coast.

3. Make sure the flights are non stop.  Nothing is worse that missing an entire day because of a missed connection.

4.  Consider something relaxing.  If you only have 3-5 days, you might want a bit of downtime after the wedding.

5.  Consider a local resort, if you only have a couple of nights.

6.  Consider a 3-5 night cruise.  These cruises leave from many local ports including New York, Florida, New Orleans, Galveston, and Los Angeles.

7.  Consider an urban escape in a local city, if you want some great restaurant choices, shopping and entertainment and only have a couple of nights.

8.  Consider a hotel that offers a spa package or a golf package, if that is something that might interest you.

9.  If you’re getting married in the spring or fall, consider a hotel on the beach or a hotel in the mountains.  Both will be off season and might offer some great values and a might be a bit quieter than during their peak seasons.

10.  Make is special-– even if it’s only a couple of nights, a couples massage, romantic dinner or or a cozy fireplace in your room can help make it memorable.

When you’re ready to plan your longer honeymoon,  contact My Vacation Lady to help plan your belated honeymoon.

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