There is actually a term for this kind of honeymoon— Buddymoon.  It’s when you have friends join you for your honeymoon or a couple of newlyweds take a honeymoon together.

Is a buddymoon right for you?

A few years ago, when Judy and Joe were planning their honeymoon, 2 couples of friends joined them and they had a wonderful time in the Bahamas.  A few years before that, My Vacation Lady helped one honeymoon couple plan a group cruise for their honeymoon.

While it certainly isn’t commonplace, it is not unheard of and just last week, another honeymoon couple talked about a joint honeymoon with friends getting married 2 weeks before them.  With more than 1/2 of the couples in the US living together before getting married and even more who have taken vacations together before getting married, the honeymoon is not necessarily the same as it was back in the 1950’s, when couples got to really know each other (in more ways than one) when they spent time together for the first time as husband and wife.

What you need to think about before planning a buddymoon?

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  1. Do you have specific dates in mind for your honeymoon and can your friends join in on those dates?
  2. Do you all have similar interests?
  3. Do you have similar budgets?

Dates- So if you are looking to do a joint honeymoon for 2 couples getting married in a close time frame of each other, is the first willing to wait until after the 2nd couple’s wedding or do you both want to wait for a time that might work better for both couples?

Interests-If the husbands both like golf and the wives both love the beach or spa, it might be a dream come true.  The husbands won’t feel bad playing golf because the wives will have each other to hang out with.

Budgets— this is always a hard part to bring up, even among the best of friends.  Are you on the same page for how much you want to spend on your honeymoon and what do you want it to include?

If one couple has much more to spend but you still want to do a buddymoon, look at resorts that might offer different levels of room categories.  So the couple that has the higher budget can go for the ocean front room when the other couple might only go for a garden view room.  The one thing to consider is, if the hotel offers a concierge class (as many all inclusive resorts do) that include upgrades in service and amenities, check to make sure that the couple that isn’t in the concierge class room can still use the same pools and areas of the beach.  At a couple of resorts we recommend frequently, the concierge class offers its guests use of separate pools and beach areas, as well as some special dining experiences.

Whether your honeymoon is for the 2 of you or for a few of you, My Vacation Lady can help plan your dream honeymoon!

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