A couple of weeks ago, My Vacation Lady met with Diego, our Royal Caribbean sales representative.   Of course, we spoke about some new cruise itineraries and the new ships but we also spoke about family vacations and how great cruises are for family vacations.

We tried to take a family vacation with our children every summer.

Before ziplining in Puerto Vallarta way back from 2004.

Sometimes it was just the four of us but once we learned about cruising, our family and friends usually joined us and everyone enjoyed themselves and it made for some great memories!

All of a sudden, that stopped.   The big groups got smaller.  The kids started college and they had summer internships.  They couldn’t take off to go on vacation with their families.

Diego mentioned the same thing.  His son is only 6 now.  He figures that he has 10 or 11 more summers to take his son on a vacation, until the same thing happens to him.

How old are your kids?  How many more times will they want to go on a vacation with you?  Will they want to take a family cruise when they’re in college?  What about a family vacation to an all inclusive resort, or to Europe, Hawaii or somewhere exotic?

In 2015, we took our children and their spouses on a cruise over the Christmas/New Year’s week.  We tried to figure out the last time our family of 4 took a vacation together and thought it might have been about 10 years before that.

The moral of this story is— don’t let summers fly by without taking a family vacation.  The kids will remember it more than you think and you’ll have quality time as a family that you may not get again.

The team at My Vacation Lady excels at planning family vacations– whether it is for a family of 3 or 4 or 20+ .  We can help sort through the zillions of deals and promotions and options out there to create a summer vacation that you’ll all remember.