When you think of Croatia, you might think of the Game of Thrones or some beautiful national parks but do you think of Croatia for wine?

photo credit- Via Tours Croatia

Neither did we until we started sending some of our clients to Croatia and we were able to include some fun culinary and wine experiences.

There are 2 primary wine regions in Croatia- Primorska Hrvatska (coastal) and Kontinentalna Hrvatksa (continental).  These 2 regions are then divided into a total of 12 sub regions which then further divide into the equivalent of wine hills.  These areas spread from the shores of the Dalmatian Coast to the floodplains of the Danube.

Here are the 5 best places to visit for Croatian Wine:

Central and South Dalmatia– the birth place of modern Zinfandel

North Dalmatia– famous for the Babic Grape that is native to Croatia and produces an inky red wine

Istria– known for moscato, trebbiano and verduzzo

Slavonia– this northeastern region is bordered by 3 large rivers and is famous for the Grasevina grape, which produces a dry, fresh and lightly aromatic white wine

Plesivica– just west of Zagreb, a local wine maker has been producing riesling, chardonnay and native wines for over 200 years.

Read more about Croatia’s wine regions here.

So if you are looking for a combination of stunning natural beauty, culture and historical sites, beaches and a culinary and wine scene, Croatia may be the right vacation or honeymoon destination for you.  Prices are still a bit more moderate than some other areas of Europe so it may be a better value as well.

My Vacation Lady can help plan your dream vacation or honeymoon to Croatia and we can customize it to fit your dreams and budget.  Our personal approach to vacation and honeymoon planning will enable us to customize a vacation as unique as you are.