My Vacation Lady recently received a request for a family vacation in Italy for parents and their 2 teenagers in July.  We would say that most of our family vacations are more geared toward tropical vacations, all inclusive vacations or cruises but we are getting more and more requests for family vacations to Europe since the dollar is holding it’s strength against the Euro and the cost of flights this year, seem to be more reasonable than in recent years.

Which European Cities are Family Friendly?

According to an article by Budget Travel updated on Dec 6, 2017, these are the 5 most family friendly:

  1. Amsterdam– its a walkable city with bike paths, boat rides, great photo ops and some great food options for every palate
  2. Dublin– is relatively close to many US cities (with nonstop flights) and a pretty similar language.  Obviously the kids aren’t heading to the pubs but this city is a great base for day trips to gardens, castles or craggy rocks.
  3. Paris– isn’t just for romantics anymore.  It’s easy to navigate on the Metro.  Easy to eat at great cafes and bistros.  With parks to visit, museums to explore and the Eiffel Tower to climb (all 1600+ steps), Paris is a family friendly dream city.
  4. London– can you say Harry Potter,Big Ben and Castles?  Yes, that’s London.  Add in the changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace and the Happy Potter Studios, London is a family favorite.
  5. Rome– FOOD, FOOD and more FOOD.  But seriously, after a day of exploring the Vatican and Colosseum, you can climb the Spanish Steps and grab a gelato or pizza.

The family vacation specialists at My Vacation Lady can guide you to the city and experiences that will make your family vacation one that you’ll all remember for years to come.