It’s almost May.  Please tell me that your summer vacation is booked!  If not, what are you waiting for?

For the most part, summer vacations are from mid June until late August.  While it may be lower season in parts of the Caribbean and Mexico, it is peak season in Hawaii and Europe.  Cruise lines know that summer is a busy season and they adjust their rates accordingly so booking early is key.  Cruise cabins for more than 2 guests sell out fast since there are so few of them.

My Vacation Lady received a call in last week from a family with a son who just graduated from High School.  They wanted to go to the Greek Islands in early June.  I had to tell them that they missed the boat (and they weren’t looking for a cruise).  The hotels were already sold out months before.  So, if you are planning a vacation with your teens, please book early.

As the parent of adult children, there was a time (once they hit college) that they didn’t want to travel with us anymore.  They wanted to travel with their friends so enjoy the time when they still want to travel with you.  Those will make memories that will last a very long time.

So what are some great family vacations that both you and your teens will love?

  1. An all inclusive beach resort- There are lots of these in the Caribbean and Mexico and they come in all sizes and price ranges from moderate to luxury. So why will parents and teens love it?
    • Almost everything is included.  You don’t need to put your hand in your pocket every time your teen wants something to eat or drink
    • There will likely be lots of kids their age to hang around with so you’ll get some quality adult time and know that they will be occupied in a supervised teen club.
    • Watersports are included (for the most part)
    • There are activities during the day and evening so you won’t be hearing “I’m bored”
    • Off the resort excursions can add variety
  2. A Cruise-  When our kids were teenagers, we took them on lots of cruises around the Caribbean, Mexico and even to Alaska.  Why will both parents and teens love a cruise?


  • Like with the all inclusive resorts, your meals (for the most part) will be included.  There is food available virtually around the clock.
  • You can pre-purchase drink package (sodas for the kids and a beverage package for the adults) so that you don’t end your cruise with a huge bar bill.
  • Excursions- most cruises stop at numerous different ports so you can get off and explore but still have the cruise ship to come back to so you aren’t packing and unpacking multiple times
  • Teen clubs and activities for adults– there is always something to do on a cruise ship.  Some of the newer and larger ships have rock climbing walls, water slides, ice skating rinks, bumper cars, surfing and more so whether you are young or young at heart, there is always something going on.
  1. Hawaii- With the diversity of the major islands, you can easily spend a week in each island and your kids will still not be bored.  Why Hawaii?
    • Beaches- there are so many great beaches in Hawaii that you might have a hard time pulling your kids away from them.  Have they asked to try surfing– do that right on Waikiki Beach.
    • Adventures- between hiking and ziplining and kayaking, snorkeling and canoeing, you’ll be able to do something new,exciting and different every day.
    • Food- we know kids are always hungry and one of the great things about Hawaii is that you can always stop in a supermarket and pick up snacks and drinks so that you can control what you spend on food.  Bring an large insulated bag or buy a styrofoam cooler when you get there and load it up with ice so you can keep a picnic lunch and drinks cool all day long
    • They speak English, drive on the correct side of the road and use US $.  Hawaii is EASY to travel around because everything is familiar but still much more exotic than home.
  2. Europe- Taking your kids to a new country isn’t all about sightseeing and museums.  Taking your teens to Europe can be lots of fun.

    Glacier Hike

    • Go biking in Ireland.
    • Climb glaciers in Iceland
    • Go hiking in Crete.
    • Learn to make pizza in Italy.
    • Stay in a castle in the Irish Country side
    • Take a paddle-boat around Ostrov Island in Prague
    • Learn a new language
    • Check out different foods
  3. US National Parks- You don’t need a passport to visit the national parks with your kids and you don’t need to travel too far.  What would interest you and your teens in the U.S. National Parks?
    • Take a mule ride down the Bright Angel Trail in the Grand Canyon
    • Watch the eruptions of Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park and the next day, check out some of the wildlife as you drive around the loop road
    • Take some hikes in Shenandoah National Park– Little Devil’s Staircase is known as one of the more challenging day hikes
    • Go white water rafting in the Rocky Mountain National Park

The vacation specialists at My Vacation Lady can help you figure out the best family vacation for your and your teenagers.  Contact us