These tips are from our friends at Europe Express

5 Steps for Using Rail in Europe

When traveling in Europe, trains may be part of your  journey to new cities or countries along the way. For those that have yet to experience the winding railroads, we’ve put together five easy steps on how to use the train while in Europe:

1. Make sure the e-ticket or paper ticket is easily accessible.

2. Arrive to the train station about 30-45 minutes early.

3. Find the compartment and seat number, then store luggage within the designated area of your train’s section.

4. Present voucher to rail attendant.

5. Arrive to city center! Prepare a transfer ahead of time to avoid waiting in the taxi line.

My Vacation Lady will be able to include the rail passes and transfers to and from the rail station in your European vacation or honeymoon package.  We’ll create a seamless and stress free package so that you can enjoy your vacation.