As I write this post, we are waiting to hear updates from a colleague’s client who had an accident in Bora Bora while on their honeymoon.  The couple was on their honeymoon and dove into the gorgeous ocean.

With water that looks like this, how can anyone blame him for wanting to get into the water?  Unfortunately, he dove head first into shallow water and fractured  a vertebrae in his neck and had to be rushed to emergency surgery on the main island of Tahiti.  He is currently in the ICU in the hospital in Tahiti.  He and his bride were in Bora Bora at the time.

Some of the costs involved in this accident:

  1. Flight to Tahiti from Bora Bora
  2. Cancellation fees involved in the hotel that they were staying in on Bora Bora
  3. Hotel costs for the bride to stay in Tahiti for as long as necessary
  4. When he can fly home, he will need a medical escort in business class.

These honeymooners declined travel insurance which would have helped mitigate the cost of what this accident will cost.

Some of the costs travel insurance may have paid would have been:

  • Accident medical expenses
  • Emergency evacuation (getting him home)
  • Trip interruption- covering some of the costs of the cancellation of the hotel in Bora Bora and what the hotel in Tahiti will cost.

The groom did get some feeling back in one of his legs and they are hopeful that the same will happen with the other leg but this is serious stuff.  This isn’t a cut on your foot or even a broken leg.

While travel insurance can cost a couple of hundred $$ (or more) depending on the cost of the trip and the client’s age, when this client said that he couldn’t afford to pay the cost of insurance on a $10,000 honeymoon, we would guess that if he had the chance to do it again, he would have bought the travel insurance.

My Vacation Lady can offer our clients a number of different types of travel insurance policies and coverage to meet many budgets.  We are not travel insurance sales people but we offer it because WE personally have used it.

We hope that our colleague’s client is on the road to recovery.