On our last trip to Mexico, (Playa Mujeres and the Riviera Maya), Mr and Mrs My Vacation Lady enjoyed water based spa treatments in the hydrotherapy circuits at Secrets Playa Mujeres and Excellence Riviera Cancun.  Two weeks earlier I enjoyed the hydrotherapy circuit at the Haven Riviera Cancun before a massage.

According to an article from a number of years ago from a British Health and Fitness Travel blog

By definition, hydrotherapy is the use of water to relieve discomfort and promote physical well-being. A number of therapeutic treatments and approaches draw upon the healing properties of water for pain relief, making use of the body’s reaction to hot and cold stimuli. On the whole, cold water is used to stimulate and invigorate, increasing the body’s internal activity, whereas warm water is used to calm and soothe, slowing it down. Alternating between hot and cold water treatments can help to heal injuries, enhance various bodily functions and reduce any inflammation.

The hydrotherapy circuit includes different stations- sauna, steam room, hot and cold pools and water faucets that focus the water on specific areas of your body.  If I had one at home, it would save me tons of money on chiropractor bills!

In some cases the hydrotherapy circuit is included before or after a spa treatment.  At other resorts, it’s included as part of a concierge room category.

Our favorite was at Excellence Riviera Cancun.  Our therapist guided us to each different water station where he told us what part of the body the water was going to concentrate on and gave us a mini neck and shoulder massage at the end.  By the way, the cost of that treatment, if it were not included in our room category amenity was less than $40 each.

For help planning your dream honeymoon or vacation, the team at My Vacation Lady can help you choose the resort, room category and destination that is right for you.  Sometimes a room that might be a bit more, may include some great amenities like a free entrance to the hydrotherapy circuits!