Heading to Greece?

Here are some insider tips to help make your vacation or honeymoon even more memorable!

  1. Try the traditional Greek liquor, Oyzo. Clear and silky with a distinct licorice flavor, Oyzo is served neat and rarely mixed with anything other than water. Oyzo is traditionally paired with small plates, or tapas, and intended to stimulate conversation and social engagement.
  2. Tipping in Greece should be no more than 10 percent in restaurants and up to two Euros are typical for bars, cafes and taxis.
  3. Appetizers such as bread, olives etc are placed on the table when you sit down at a restaurant but not always free. If you eat it, you pay for it, generally 1 or 2 Euros per person.
  4. Crete is considered one of the most authentic of the islands and is not to be missed. Admire the remnants of brilliant civilizations, explore beautiful beaches, steep gorges and impressive mountains, ideal for biking and hiking. Expect incredible family-style meals and prepare for a leisurely meal as Cretan people spend hours eating and drinking raki or wine while sharing stories.
  5. In Crete– Hiking through Samaria Gorge, a National Park of Greece, is a must-do in Crete. Hikers especially enjoy the Gates, where the width of the gorge narrows to 13 feet and the sides of the gorge tower to 980 feet.  Do realize that this is a HIKE and not a little stroll.
  6. The island’s longest and most popular beach in Mykonos is Elia, consistently awarded the Blue Flag for its beautiful pristine beach.
  7. The restaurants and bars in Little Venice, Mykonos are super crowded around sunset during peak tourist season.
  8. Steps from the ancient site in Akrotiri, Santorini is Red Beach, known for the unique color of its sand, boasts dramatic red lava cliffs that merge into the beautiful sandy shore and sapphire sea below.
  9. A local said that if you want to experience the REAL GREECE, head to an island that doesn’t have an airport.
  10. Someone said- “coming to Crete without a car is like being in Manhattan without a wallet.”  Reserve your car in advance.  If you drive a stick shift, you’ll save a ton of money.  Getting an automatic car at the last minute will be hard to come by.

My Vacation Lady helps many of our clients plan their dream vacations and honeymoons to Greece so if you need help planning yours, reach out to us.  We have the inside scoop on hotels, excursions and activities that can help turn your trip into an experience!