When My Vacation Lady talks to our clients about the experiences they may want during their vacations or honeymoons, sometimes an animal experience is on their list.

Of course, you’ll see the most wildlife on an African Safari but there are other places that you can interact with animals as well.

Swim with Dolphins 

You can swim with Dolphins in the Caribbean, Mexico but I did it in Moorea in French Polynesia.

Monkey around in Costa Rica or Bali 

We saw zillions of monkeys in Costa Rica but my clients enjoy their visit to the Monkey Forest in Bali.

Go Whale Watching in Hawaii or Alaska

You’ll see whales breaching in Alaska in the summer months but Hawaii is great for whale watching in December through March.  We were lucky enough to see a few on our whale watching cruise in Maui on November 30!

Snorkel with Sea turtles

You’ll see see turtles in Hawaii but you can’t legally go near them.  We got up close and personal with sea turtles on a snorkeling excursion in Barbados!

Go Dog Sledding

Alaska is on many travelers’ bucket lists for its unique diversity and wildlife adventure. Where else can you go whale watching, see a bear on the streets of Juneau and then take out dog driven sled on a glacier? That’s a tall order for any destination, but Alaska can deliver.

Pamper an Elephant

We don’t promote elephant riding anymore but our clients LOVE pampering their new elephant friends at some of the safe Elephant Sanctuaries.  This was one of Mark and Vanessa’s favorite experiences during their honeymoon in Thailand.

The team of travel professionals at My Vacation Lady is all about helping you plan your vacation or honeymoon experiences- not just booking a hotel and flights for you.  If an animal encounter is on your vacation or honeymoon wish list, we can help you plan it.