Just like any family traveling with their children, there may be some challenges and obstacles that may arise.  This is especially true for same sex couples.  So here are some great tips that we found in a post on AFAR written by a gay couple traveling with their (now teenage) daughters.

Here are some tips that can enable your family vacation to go as smoothly as possible.  

  • Not every destination is LGBTQ friendly and not all airline or hotel officials are equally open minded so have your paperwork in order.

The U.S. State Department advises that LGBTQ parents pack parentage and custody documents if your children are minors and do not share your last name—especially when traveling internationally.

The 2 Dads with Baggage authors, also advise bringing copies of your kid’s passports, birth certificates AND adoption papers, if applicable.  As the team at My Vacation Lady suggests for ALL clients traveling with children,  if you are not listed as a parent on your child’s birth certificate, ensure you have a notorized letter from the parent whose name appears on the birth certificate authorizing you to travel with the child.  You can print off a sample parental consent form

  • Plan ahead
    • Know your destination.  Since not all travel destinations are not as open to the LGBTQ community, know which destinations are friendly to same sex couples vs. those openly hostile or where it is illegal.

This map on equaldex.com is a great source for the current laws around the world for the LGBTQ community.

Also, the IGLTA is a great online sourche for all things related to the LGBTQ travel planning.

    • Look for hotels and accommodations that are LGBTQ friendly  The team at My Vacation Lady can help with this as we know of many hotel chains that will welcome your family with open arms.  The World Rainbow Hotel site is another good resource.
  • Use travel as teachable moments for your family.  

Embarrassing questions may be asked.  Hotel staff may not know how to handle bringing your daughter or son into the rest room that coincides with your gender but not the child’s gender.  Bedding may be questioned.  But take all of these questions and situations back to your kids to teach them that your family is just like any other family.


Travel is one of the things that can make a major difference in the lives of your children, so don’t feel embarrassed or intimidated when you want to plan a great family vacation and you’re not sure where to start.

We can help.