General Z or the Gen Z were born between 1995 to 2010.  They are the post millennial generation and they really can influence the way they and their families travel.  This generation was born in the digital age and from a very early age, they’ve been exposed to the internet, social networks and smart phones.   This group will be the true “influencers” in the travel world.

So what are the top 5 ways Gen Z influences family travel?

  1. They crave active experiences
  2. They involve themselves in the planning
  3. They influence other’s travel choices via word of mouth, social media and reviews
  4. They seek unusual destinations
  5. They look for visual destinations and experiences through social media.

If you are planning a vacation with your Gen Z kids, you might need to rethink some of the destinations and experiences

Ocean view Ziplining at the Diamonte Eco Adventure Park in Costa Rica

Just because you enjoyed a family vacation when you were young, doesn’t mean your Gen Z will like it.

  • Instead of a Caribbean or Mexican All Inclusive Beach resort- think an active vacation to Costa Rica, Belize or the Hawaiian Islands- combining Action with Beach.
  • Consider destinations in Europe that might be more active like Iceland, Croatia, Wales and Sicily,  where they spend time outdoors to hike and explore.
  • Head to the South Pacific- New Zealand and Australia where they can get close to wildlife, nature and culture with tons of adventure thrown in.
  • Rather than an ocean cruise in the Caribbean, take them on a river cruise where they can bike and hike along the Danube, bike through the streets of Budapest, hike to Count Dracula’s prison tower, sample wines in an underground cave or cruise from Vietnam to Cambodia.
  • Trade the conventional vacations for a small ship experience to the Galapagos or a safari to Africa or an active tour in Thailand.

Whether you are traveling with young kids, tweens or your Gen Z kids, the team at My Vacation Lady can help you plan your memorable family vacation!