My Vacation Lady helps many clients plan family vacations, ranging from a few nights at a resort, to cruises, to Hawaii vacations, European vacations and more exotic destinations.  We’ve helped families plan adventurous vacations, all inclusive vacations, theme park vacations and so much more.  We help families of 3 to multi-generational families of 20+.  We have helped clients plan special occasions- like a graduation, retirement, milestone birthdays and anniversaries and celebrating life in general.   We have grandparents that take their grandchildren on a special vacation when they hit a certain age and others that take their entire families on vacation yearly.

If nothing else, we have come to realize that while you can always replace stuff, you can’t replace time that you could have spent with your family.

5 top reasons to take your kids on vacation when they’re young

  1. They are only young once (as are you)
  2. They only get one shot at first experiences
  3.  It creates memories that will last longer than a video game or a new phone
  4.  Travel is educational
  5.  Your kids will get to know YOU as fun people and not the ones who always stressed about something and you’ll get to know them as kids, not as passengers in the car heading to soccer practice, gymnastics and school.

A number of years ago, Richard was referred to My Vacation Lady from another client.  He had recuperated from a serious health scare and wanted to celebrate his good health with his 4 children, their spouses and 11 grand children, between the ages of 3 and 18.  They all lived in different states and the cruise was a great way for all of the cousins to reconnect.  They all had a wonderful time and when Richard passed on, his daughter called to plan a family vacation with some of the money Richard left to her.  She wanted to use the inheritance to create a  family legacy vacation, one that everyone will remember and enjoy.

Whether you’re planning a vacation with your kids, grand children or multiple generations, let the vacation specialists at My Vacation Lady help you plan your family vacation!