My Vacation Lady has been planning honeymoons for a very long time.  As a matter of fact, we are the top rated honeymoon planner located in New Jersey according to the couples on both Wedding Wire and the Knot.

We have couples that come to us because they are overwhelmed with all of the beautiful pictures online, all of their friend’s suggestions and all of the reviews that they read.  We live in a world of too much information.

So how can booking your honeymoon with My Vacation Lady help your honeymoon dreams become reality?

#1.  We will help determine the honeymoon destination and resort that fits your dreams and budget

No two couples are alike and just because your BFF loved the adult only all inclusive resort they honeymooned at, doesn’t mean you’ll love it as well.  Again, just be your co-worker loved their whirlwind honeymoon to Europe, doesn’t mean that you will.

#2.  We’ll let you know the best time to book your honeymoon

Recently we have had honeymooners disappointed because their top resort options were sold out.  Some were for bookings 3 months in advance, some were for 6 months in advance.  We always suggest booking as EARLY as possible, just to make sure that you get the best options.

#3.  If at all possible, before we start working together, we’ll give you a rough guestimate of what your honeymoon may cost.

Many honeymooners come to us without a clear idea of what their honeymoon will cost.  If they haven’t traveled much or have stayed only in moderate hotels and want to make their honeymoon special, they might not know what their dream honeymoon will cost.

#4.  We’ll talk to both of you in detail to enable us to envision your honeymoon dreams. 

We understand that you’re busy and that sometimes your schedules are all over the place.  Some of our honeymooner work different shifts so we try to be as accommodating as possible when scheduling honeymoon consultations.  We really prefer to speak to both of you to make sure that we truly understand and can envision each of your dreams.   We once had a groom who was going to plan a multi stop European honeymoon as a surprise for his bride.  Her dream was Fiji.   This could have been a  honeymoon disaster if we didn’t include the bride in the initial planning.

#5.  We’ll plan a seamless and stress free honeymoon for you.

If you haven’t figured out by now, not using a professional honeymoon planner can be your biggest mistake of all.  When we plan our client’s honeymoons, make sure that you have everything you wanted included in your package.  We’ll provide you with easy to read travel vouchers/documents that may be available on our APP or in hard copy.  We’ll make sure that all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.

You only get 1 chance at a first honeymoon.  Contact My Vacation Lady to get it right!