Oahu has tons of restaurants but some of the best desserts may not be in a restaurant at all.

Here are some of the BEST Oahu desserts!

Shave Ice

Shave ice is a Hawaiian specialty  but a truly epic experience involves a drive to Oahu’s North Shore.   Matsumoto Shave Ice has been serving this famous dessert with homemade flavored syrup in the quaint town of Haleiwa since 1951. The family-owned business can serve up to 1,000 happy customers on a given day.  The sign actually says grocery store but nope, it’s the best shave ice.


Liliha Bakery,  has 3 locations in the Honolulu area and is famous for its coco puffs.  Can you believe that they sell between 4,800 and 7,200 of this treat every day?  The chocolate-filled puff pastry may be the most popular option, but Liliha also serves green tea and chantilly cream puffs.

“Liliha Bakery is a quick stop to or from the airport for families to get their sweet fix,” said owner Peter Kim. “Over 150 bakery items are made from scratch daily, which makes it an experience for families to decide what they want.”

Their bakers work 24/7 to make sure there is always enough supply.


For delicious baked goods in Honolulu, visitors need to find the iconic neon red, blue and gold sign that marks Leonard’s Bakery on Kapahulu Ave in Honololu.

So what is a  malasada?  It’s a Portugese doughnut without a hole, fried until it’s golden brown on the outside and light & fluffy on the inside.

They’ve been baking them since 1953 and they are very ʻOno’ as we say in Hawaii.

And if you can’t get to the bakery, check out the Malasadamobiles™ which are great for those who that can’t get to the bakery. Check for our Malasadamobiles at Waikele Shopping Center, Pearlridge Shopping Center, Windward Mall and Koko Marina Shopping Center.


Bubbie’s Mochi is the No. 1 destination for these “balls of happiness.”  What is a Mochi- it’s the name for creamy ice cream wrapped in a sweetened rice confection. The mochi at Bubbies — considered by many locals to be the perfect sweet snack — comes in 20 flavors

It there are 2 things that My Vacation Lady loves, it’s Hawaii and food and these snacks just make my day.  To help plan your dream vacation or honeymoon to the Hawaiian islands, reach out and you can see how we can make your vacation extra special.