It’s #FoodieFriday and My Vacation Lady is taking you to one of our FAVORITE travel destinations- Hawaii, and for our favorite part of the meal- dessert!

Hula Pie

Hula Pie

When My Vacation Lady plans our clients’ vacations and honeymoons to Hawaii, we send them tons of things to see, do and experience while they are in the islands.  Restaurant recommendations are always part of the packet of info we send.    Since we have a sweet tooth, we just happened to have mentioned a few places that we love for their desserts.

Hula pie is one of our favorite desserts.  Just absolutely the perfect way to end a meal.  We’ve mentioned Hula Pie before but here are some other great Hawaiian desserts:

  • Chocolate Haupia Cream Pie.  Haupia is a coconut pudding that is a luau staple but at Ted’s Bakery in the North Shore of Ohau, they make it even better by filling equal layers of dark chocolate with Haupia and whipped topping.  Check out this fabulous dessert at Ted’s Bakery.  
  • Manju– A crispy manju from Maui’s Home Made Bakery is another favorite. With a flaky crust and delicious fruit fillings (like sweet azuki beans, apple, coconut, peach, pineapple, or purple sweet potato, ore even like chocolate or peanut butter, it’s just like eating a mini pie!
  • Coco Puffs- no- not the cereal but a melt in your mouth treat.  Think of a pastry shell filled with creamy chocolate filling and the topped with buttercream frosting.  Or try their new green tea coco puff- at Liliha Bakery in Hololulu
  • Malasadas  are sugar coated fried donuts (without the holes).  Try them coated in cinnamon sugar or stuffed with chocolate, fruit or custard!   Leonard’s Bakery in Honolulu is famous for their Malsadas!




We haven’t even started getting into the desserts at some of our favorite restaurants yet.  Have we made you hungry for Hawaiian desserts?

My Vacation Lady is a Hawaii Destination Specialist!  We look forward to  helping you plan your dream vacation or honeymoon to Hawaii