Every day in Hawaii feels like Aloha Friday since casual attire is pretty much all that you need to pack for your vacation or honeymoon to the Hawaiian Islands.

With the exception of a couple of fine restaurants, men don’t need to even consider bringing a jacket or tie.  Hawaiian Aloha Shirts (casual buttoned down or collared shirts) are appropriate for men for just about any occasion and if you want to get really dressed up- put on a pair of slacks instead of shorts for dinner.  Women have so many options- sundresses, capris, slacks or nice shorts.

So what should you pack for your vacation or honeymoon to Hawaii

Outdoor Activities

Biking down Haleakala

  • If you’re going to be hiking, definitely do bring a good pair of hiking boots or sneakers.  We’ve seen so many people trying to hike in flip flops and it’s just not a good idea.  Some of the trails can be rocky or muddy and you don’t want to risk injury.
  • If you are going to go to the top of Haleakala or Mauna Kea, bring jackets.  It’s about 30 degrees cooler at the summit than at the beach.  If you’re going to bike down Haleakala, the bike company will provide you with a jacket and gear but long pants and socks would be a good thing to wear as well.
  • If you’re going to go horseback riding or ATV’ing, bring long pants and closed shoes (sneakers will do)

Water Activities

If you’re taking a catamaran cruise or snorkeling excursion, bring  sunglasses, a hat and REEF SAFE sunscreen.  Unless you are very picky about your snorkel equipment, all of that can be rented pretty cheaply for the day or by the week.  If you are going scuba diving, bring your PADI certification card.  You’ll be able to rent equipment once you are in the islands.

Sunscreen, Hats and Sunglasses

Hawaii’s proximity to the sun makes for gorgeous tans and nasty sunburns, even on cloudy days. If you want that golden glow, tan slowly with a high SPF sunscreen. Also, protect yourself with a hat and sunglasses.

Golf Attire

Many of the private golf courses in Hawaii require “proper golf attire” which usually means a collared shirt and dress shorts or slacks, no denim, cargo or sports shorts. When in doubt, it’s best to contact the course or pro shop. There is no dress requirement for municipal courses.

Things you might not have thought of:

  • Your GPS or phone navigation.  Yes, if you are driving in Hawaii, your GPS will work.
  • Your Automobile Association of American (AAA) card.  Yes, they do have AAA in Hawaii.  Trust me, we needed it when Mr. My Vacation Lady ended up in a ditch while trying to make a U-turn
  • Mosquito repellent- especially if you are planning on going hiking through the rain forest.
  • Your driver’s license.  If you are traveling with your passport, you’ll still need your driver’s license to rent the car.
  • A credit card in your name—NOT a DEBIT CARD.  You will need this to rent a car as well.
  • Your cell phone car charger.  You’ll be, no doubt, using it for navigation.

My Vacation Lady LOVES Hawaii and we try to go back as often as possible.  We are Hawaii Destination Specialists so you are in good hands when we plan your Hawaii vacation or honeymoon!