During the pandemic, I posted on my personal facebook page that I needed some new shows to watch on TV.  That post generated tons of responses about which shows I should watch.  Only 1 (and the first response) said that they loved one of the series that we liked and I might also like another series.  The rest pretty much just recommended what they liked or were currently watching.

I put back on my My Vacation Lady honeymoon specialist hat back on and realized that these types of random responses can confuse engaged couples even more than before.

SO- should you take Facebook friend’s advice on where to go for your honeymoon?

Like my post on Facebook that generated over 3 dozen responses, I know that my clients get equal, if not more responses when they post questions like “where should I go on my honeymoon?”

I just need to point out that not one response asked about what kind of shows we liked.

  • Did we like comedy? (yes)
  • Did we like mystery?  (usually)
  • Did we like science fiction?  (no for me but yes for hubby which means NO)
  • Did we like drama?  (Yes)

Do you get the gist of where this is going?

Now let’s see how it relates to planning your honeymoon.

Without knowing what you both want and dream about, getting random honeymoon destinations can be more frustrating than helpful.

My Vacation Lady offers an in depth honeymoon consultation so that we can get to know you and your dreams.  We’ll talk about your past travel history, your likes and dislikes but more importantly, what are you looking for out of your dream honeymoon.  Your past vacations may not be what you want for your honeymoon and we’ll ask the right questions to ensure that we know the right destinations and hotels to recommend for your honeymoon.

Your dreams- your honeymoon- let My Vacation Lady help it become reality!