The past 2 months have been like no other times that we have seen in our 25+ years in the travel business.

My Vacation Lady has been fielding emails from anxious clients who have honeymoons scheduled in the next few months.  So far, most of our spring and summer honeymoon couples have already postponed their weddings.  We have rescheduled or cancelled all of our April, May, June and July honeymoons.  We are currently talking to honeymooners scheduled to get married in August and September.  Some are thinking of postponing their weddings.

These couples were set to travel to Hawaii, Tahiti, the Caribbean, New Zealand, Greece and Bali and more and we are working with each of our couples individually to help them figure out what is best for them.

We understand that planning a wedding is stressful enough and now with wedding venues having guest limitations, our honeymooners are even more anxious.

Should you postpone your honeymoon due to Covid 19?

This is our personal opinion and only our personal opinion.  It is not based on fact or evidence or written warnings.

  • If your honeymoon departure date is in August or September, call us ASAP to let us know if your wedding is still scheduled and to check on the status of our honeymoon destination and if they are accepting American tourists.
  • If your wedding has been postponed, we’ll work with you to re-arrange your honeymoon around the best possible time around your new wedding date OR the best weather for your destination.  Dana and Brian’s June wedding was postponed until Oct 21, but the season in Greece is over by then, so we’re looking to reschedule for May 2021.

We are trying to give our clients as long as possible to make final payments and to make changes.  Please do bear with us as this fluid situation is rapidly changing.

The team at My Vacation Lady is here for our clients and our goal is to make your honeymoons as stress free as possible.  Check your email frequently as we will be updating you as we receive further information.

Stay safe and be thankful that you booked your honeymoon with us so that you’re not in this alone.