First of all, what’s an OTA?  It’s an online travel agency.  Some names you might recognize may start with E, T, O.  There are so many others. closed up shop a few weeks ago leaving their travelers stranded, with no hotels and no recourse.

So why is My Vacation Lady talking about these OTA’s?  

Honestly, it is so that you don’t plan the most important vacation of your new lives together using one of them.

We came across some posts on one of the Facebook groups that we follow:

We have an upcoming trip in June I am looking to reschedule. However I booked through Orbitz and they will not even patch me through to a person to re schedule it to August. Has anyone had to reschedule their vacation through Orbitz? Any help on how you did it would be helpful.

  • When you call the number, it says my travel is not within 72 hours and that I cannot speak with someone
  • The site says 10 days out. At this point that’s about all we can do. Mine is same with Expedia.
  • Orbitz is a nightmare. I’m having the same problem but for a different trip
  • travelocity cant get thru to them for my vegas trip

Is that the kind of service that you want for your honeymoon?  

Let us give you some examples of how the team at My Vacation Lady has been working with our honeymooners to postpone and reschedule their honeymoons- painlessly for them.

  • D and K’s April wedding was postponed until October so with a few emails, we were able to move their Bali honeymoon to October.  A special price on their one bedroom pool villa wasn’t available for their new dates but when we noticed that a new re-booking incentive was announced, we were able to get them their dream room in Jimbaran at the same cost!
  • A and M were lucky enough to get married in March before all of the covid 19 issues started but going on their honeymoon to Greece in later May was seeming to be an impossibility.  They booked a specific room category in their Santorini hotel that was showing as sold out online but we were able to confirm it for them in September.
  • M and M were headed to Fiji in late June but after their wedding was postponed until later September, we needed to move their honeymoon.  With a few emails on their part to us, we were able to move and confirm their honeymoon to their new dates.

There is a reason that the team at My Vacation Lady is so highly rated.  If this is the kind of service that you feel you deserve, reach out and contact us to help plan your dream honeymoon, anniversary vacation or any special occasion vacation.