The team at My Vacation Lady is asking for your support when it is safe to travel the world again.

Covid-19 has hit the travel, tourism and hospitality industry very hard.  So many of our favorite hotels and destinations are closed.  Many of our travel suppliers and sales support teams have been furloughed but we continue to service our clients to reschedule their vacations and honeymoons, postpone vacations, cancel vacations and just be there for support.

And most of us are not getting paid for this.

Travel professionals, for the most part, work on commission.  This commission is paid by travel suppliers to travel agents (and even those big online booking websites).  There are lots of components that are not commissionable at all- like most airline tickets, rail tickets, hotel taxes and fees but travel professionals have known this and have still provided their clients their service and expertise, without commission on these components.  We understand this and have realized that planning our client’s dream vacation and honeymoon and getting referrals and references from happy clients, is more important than a couple of $$ in commission.

The team at My Vacation Lady has been working to help our clients postpone, re-book and even cancel their vacations.  Our team has been able to do this all while our clients work from home, stay safe and healthy and don’t have to sit on the phone for hours handling this.

Just a couple of examples of how we have helped our clients without requiring them to do anything other than send us an email.

  • D & M were on their honeymoon in Hawaii when the travel restrictions were put in place.  We were able to get them home from Maui (instead of the Big Island) and obtain refunds for the hotel, car and excursions planned for in the Big Island.
  • A & E had a spring break family vacation planned in the Riviera Maya with their 3 teens.  They opted to cancel for a full refund (less the cost of their Cancel for Any Reason Travel Insurance).
  • Linda and her sisters were heading to Thailand to visit Linda’s son and his family in early April.  We have been able to move their vacation to October.
  • M & F were scheduled to take a trans Atlantic cruise in early May.  We cancelled it and they are receiving full credit toward a future cruise.
  • A & R were going to celebrate their anniversary in Hawaii in May.  The hotels are closed so we were able to move their vacation to September and even obtain a refund for them since their new package price was lower.
  • M & H were scheduled to take an anniversary vacation to Mexico in early June.  They too, opted for a full refund (less the cost of their Cancel for Any Reason Travel Insurance)

These are just a few examples of what the team of My Vacation Lady has been able to do in the month of March, all with minimal effort on the part of our clients.

So while restaurants are asking patrons to support local restaurants by ordering online and picking up meals, we ask you to consider supporting your local travel agency, like My Vacation Lady, when it is safe to travel again.

We will be here when you are ready to travel again.  In the meantime, stay safe.