Just in the last 2 weeks, My Vacation Lady has had to let our honeymoon clients know that their first choice in hotels is sold out for their dates.

Jim and Kelly want to go to St Lucia in late June and first started planning a bit over 4 months prior.  They wanted an adult only all inclusive resort.  Their first resort choice was sold out.  The 2nd one had less than a dozen rooms left in the entire resort.  We grabbed one of them and then offered another option in Jamaica for them.

Dina and Brian want to go to Greece in September.  Please keep in mind that the properties in Santorini are small and the first room category they wanted was sold out.  The only room category available in the hotel was just way over their budget.  They couldn’t get their first choice of room in Mykonos either.  We are switching to another hotel in Santorini and we are hoping to be able to confirm those rooms shortly.

This year alone, our team has been seeing so many resorts sold out earlier than ever in destinations that typically don’t.  We’re not sure why Jim and Kelly’s options were so slim but with less than 4 months to their arrival date in later June but it’s a super popular time of year, especially for teachers.

We always advise our clients looking for destinations like Greece, the Amalfi Coast, Fiji, Tahiti, Hawaii and Bali to BOOK EARLY.  We may need to start adding the Caribbean to that list.

The hotel is not going to add on more rooms just because you were late to book.  The same holds true with flights.  If you want to be able to get seats of your choice, you will want to book early

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